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PRK by Envision Laser Centers

Surface ablation (no flap) laser vision correction procedures are the safest and most accurate form of laser vision correction. PRK, LASEK, E-LASIK are all variations of surface ablation laser vision correction procedures. Unlike LASIK, there is no corneal flap created with surface ablation procedures. The main differences caused by not creating a flap are that healing takes longer and there is more discomfort, but surface ablation procedures also produce less complications.

The military, NASA, and the Secret Service are just a few of the organizations that recommend PRK over LASIK because of the added safety PRK provides. Our doctors at Envision Laser Centers will gladly discuss the advantages of PRK over LASIK, as well as the differences between the two. Our video below walks you through each step of PRK eye surgery.


PRK eye surgery instead of LASIK

Photo Refractive Keratectomy


 PRK eye surgery is recommended by many government agencies.

LASIK For Sports

PRK eye surgery recommended for most contact sports