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To make our LASIK even more affordable, we offer multiple financing options. Using our 0% for 24 months by applying through CareCredit our Custom LASIK or PRK can be as low as $121 per month. Approval is based on credit. Restrictions apply. Applying takes less than five minutes. Just apply by clicking the CareCredit image below.

 Active eye tracking during LASIK surgery on a patient.
Envision Laser Centers' Free LASIK giveaway at Penn State.
Envision Laser Centers' -Seeing Is Believing- Free LASIK giveaway.

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Why LASIK is better than glasses or contact.


Save up to 30% on LASIK using your company's Flex Spending or Health Savings Account. If your employer offers a pretax health spending account, LASIK qualifies under theĀ Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. . The benefit of an FSA is that it is tax-advantaged as the money you contribute to your FSA is deducted from your paycheck prior to taxes being deducted. FSAs are ideal for medical procedures that are not otherwise covered by medical insurance, such as LASIK. An FSA or HSA account must be used or you will lose that money, meaning that if the funds contributed to the FSA or HSA account are not spent by the end of the year, they are forfeited. So schedule a free consultation today, before you contribute to your account.

What about places that advertise $250 per eye?

It's all bait and switch. This disclaimer was taken right from their website: " *$250 per eye procedure-only pricing valid for prescriptions up to -1.00 with less than -0.50 diopter of astigmatism, assurance plans and upgraded technologies available at additional cost. All other prescriptions $1999 per eye inclusive of Lifetime Assurance Plan, upgraded technologies available at additional cost. Prices subject to change without notice. 20% off discount cannot be combined with $250 per eye pricing or any other offer or promotion. This offer may not be combined with other offers. Other conditions may apply."

Envision Laser Centers is proud to bring affordable pricing as low as $121 a month with our 24 months 0% interest. We charge the lowest fee we can while providing service that exceeds our competitors. Our average price per eye is below that of the national companies who advertise much less (we know because it is stated on their financials as public ally held companies). Our Custom LASIK and PRK starts at $1599 per eye with assurance plans and punctual plugs available. That's why we offer a free consultation so you will know exactly what you will pay. With the cost of glasses and contacts steadily rising, having LASIK will save you a lot of money in the long run. So give us a call today and schedule your free LASIK consultation.


This video shows one of our win free LASIK contests at PSU.

Why LASIK is better than glasses or contact.


We have given away over 50 free LASIK procedures in the past 15 years. We have teamed up with the Altoona Curve and Penn State Basketball and other partners, just to make it interesting. It gives an opportunity to get LASIK for someone who may not be able to afford LASIK. By signing up on our website, you are automatically entered into our contests for the next 2 years. Here's the best part. If you have surgery with us and win free LASIK within 90 days of your procedure, we will reimburse you for the amount of the surgery. So what are you waiting for? Just enter your email address at the bottom of the page. Don't worry, we won't sell or give away your information. The only thing you have to lose is your glasses! JOIN OUR MAILING LIST BELOW TO ENTER!

It's Back! Our Seeing Is Believing Contest For The 15th Time in 2023.

Congratulations to Luke Duffey and Ashley Vaughn who won free LASIK August 20th, 2023!

We've teamed up with the Altoona Curve to give at least one lucky person free LASIK! Drawing will be performed August 17th , 2023. Semi-finalists are required to attend the Altoona Curve game August 28th (tickets will be supplied by us). These contests are always exciting! Good luck! Hope to see you there.

Our Free LASIK Rules

All contestants must be at least 18 years of age at time of drawing. If the winner(s) is not a good LASIK candidate, the prize is not transferable. Candidacy is determined by a dilated exam followed by an evaluation by the surgeon. If a person has LASIK within a 90 day period of drawing and wins free LASIK, Envision Laser Centers will reimburse the FULL amount paid by the patient for the procedure. All contests are ran at the discretion of Envision Laser Centers, LLC. Free LASIK is for Lifetime Custom LASIK. For Contoura and punctual plugs additional fees may apply.